Three outcasts must navigate the dangers of a world at the height of its own dark age. A lost soldier carries on a fight that was lost long ago while looking for his dead gods. A sorcerer writhes in the grip of an alien power he barely comprehends. An orphaned child of a vanished race searches for traces of her fey heritage. A life on the fringes of society has not prepared them for the task ahead: to track down the unknown forces that threaten their world, even as their civilization crumbles. Is there time left for them to act, or is it already far, far too late…

Dire Destiny is a series of graphic novels written by Robert Kendzie and illustrated by Mikolaj Ostapiuk that has been in print since 2007. The series combines elements of Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Horror with the look and feel of a hard-punching film noir.


Dangerous Omens

Three outcasts must make their way through a world in the midst of its own dark age. Eric the Wolf, Kells the Liar, and Nyssa of the Wood come together in a community gripped by a crisis that those in power cannot stop. Will they be able to find an answer in time? Includes a previously unpublished short story. Copyright 2007 Kendzie/Ostapiuk, Black & White, 109 pages.

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Beware the Dark!

Eric the Wolf, Kells the Liar, and the Mysterious Nyssa return once more to battle the forces of the unknown in the second chapter of Dire Destiny. Swept up in the politics of Velagard, they are recruited for an errand which will place them on a dangerous road. Troubles are rising all across the country, and passing through the town of Woods Cross will mean facing down death, disease, betrayal... and a hoary, slumbering evil. Copyright 2009 Kendzie/Ostapiuk, Black & White, 112 pages.

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Here There Be Dragons

Eric, Nyssa, and Kells continue their journey across Velagard in the third chapter of Dire Destiny. A remote farming community has come under threat, and the three are recruited to investigate the source of the danger. Peril lurks within the withered corpse of a once mighty forest, but the companions may find that their very presence poses an even greater risk to all involved. Copyright 2010 Kendzie/Ostapiuk, Black & White, 103 pages.

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Splintered Wood, Broken Stone

They say that Verdenhaven is the mightiest city in the world, but what secrets lie at its core? Eric, Nyssa, and Kells are caught up in the intrigues of sorcerers, priests, and even stranger things just as it looks like they may finally complete their mission. Each of them will be confronted by the answers to longstanding questions, and their fragile friendship will be tested as never before. Copyright 2014 Kendzie/Ostapiuk, Black & White, 116 pages.