Dire Destiny is involved in independent film production in association with the Northern Virginia Motion Picture Co-Op. Our films can be seen on their official YouTube channel.

One SHeet program.jpg

To Whom It May Concern

One Night. One Dangerous Question. Four People who are running out of time.

Four friends trapped in a cabin with nothing to do begin an ill-considered experiment that quickly leaves them wondering if they’ve unwittingly tempted fate. Is there any way to undo their mistake, or has the die already been cast? Starring Margot Moser, Andy Braden, Brandon J. Carr, Diana Lee Arnold, and Michael Dobbyn. Written and Directed by Robert Kendzie. (30 min)


Legend of the Firebird (teaser)

Prince Ivan must join forces with a spirit of flame and freedom in order to rescue Princess Sarena from the clutches of Kotschei the Deathless, a foul sorcerer in control of dark forces. Based on the famous ballet by Igor Stravinsky. This film is still in development. (2 Min)

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The Sybil

Alexander is involved in risky dealings, so he consults an oracle – but does the future hold any assurances? Starring Darren Marquardt, Christopher Bright, and Caroline Kendzie. Written and directed by Robert Kendzie. (10 min)