Dire Destiny produces supplements and expansion material for tabletop roleplaying games. The “Very Last Book…” series brings new roleplaying opportunities and expanded functionality to traditionally under-represented aspects of the rules for Pathfinder, one of the best selling RPGs of all time. Written and designed by Robert Kendzie.

mounted combat cover 2.jpg

The Very Last Book About Mounted Combat

Whether you prefer to roleplay as an elven scout bounding through the forest on a fleet-footed stag, a dwarven barbarian charging fearlessly into battle on the back of a sturdy war-ram, or a shining knight in armor atop his mighty charger, this book will help you to bring these iconic characters to life in new ways. This book features new, expanded rules for using mounts in combat, new uses for the ride skill, new actions in combat for mounted characters, as well as a bestiary with new options allowing your mounts to scale with your character's level. Copyright 2012, black & white, 39 pages. Cover by Eva Dennis.

Alignment Book Cover final.jpg

The Very Last Book About Alignment

Your character can be a beacon of hope and justice in a dark and dangerous world, or cultivate a soul so black that angels hide their faces in fear. Whichever way you prefer to play, this book will provide you with the rules, resources, and inspiration. Make the most maligned and misunderstood aspect of the game a vital part of the roleplay experience once more. Within these pages, age-old questions are answered and new powers are unlocked for those willing to take a stand for Good or Evil, Law or Chaos... and even for those who choose to remain scrupulously Neutral. Copyright 2013, black & white, 40 pages. Cover by Eva Dennis.

War Book Cover final version.jpg

The Very Last Book About War

Throughout the history of epic fantasy, one thing never changes: War! Now you and your friends will be able to portray all the heroism and drama of a grand battle as your characters lead men and monsters in conflict on the field of battle. Dire Destiny Books presents a new system that truly weds the individual heroics and derring-do of fantasy roleplay to the epic sweep and scope of wargaming, allowing players to engage in tactical leadership and use their unique abilities to the fullest. Copyright 2014, black & white, 30 pages. Cover by Eva Dennis.

Haggemoth Cover.jpg

The Tomb of Haggemoth

An adventure for Dungeons & Dragons version 3.5 published under the d20 Open Game License. Your party of adventurers takes to the high seas on a quest to learn the fate of a legendary wizard. From frozen tundras to vast deserts to uncharted jungle islands, follow the trail of Haggemoth! Designed to take a party of 4-6 adventurers from 3rd through 8th level. Written and designed by Robert Kendzie. Cover and interior illustrations by Mikolaj Ostapiuk. Follow the podcast of this adventure at RPGmp3.com! Copyright 2007, black & white, 87 pages